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Venerable Tayzar Dipati is a Buddhist monk from Shwebo, northwest of Mandalay. He grew up in the monastery as a young novice monk and today, his chief role is to care for young HIV patients and to run the monastery of young monks. U Tayzar Dipati is often called upon by the local community in the area to help neutralise rumours before they grow out of control and on social media, and prevent outbreaks of violence locally. He has strong links to the other religious communities in the area and fosters inter-religious understanding. The monk believes that by learning about other religions, we will realise that they are not so different to each other.

Directed by Kannan Arunasalam
Filmed & edited by Ed Perkins & Kannan Arunasalam
Produced for the Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies
Grade, audio mix and sound design by Jeremy Hogg
Music by Adam Nicholas