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The «Resources» site is intended as a tool for further exploration of the field of Buddhism, tolerance, religious pluralism and human rights. Special attention is given to issues relating to Freedom of religion or belief.

Rather than providing a comprehensive bibliography, the “Resources” below represents a selection of useful text references and links. The site offers Buddhist normative perspectives, as well as non-Buddhist perspectives, on human dignity and human rights. Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot offer you the full text of all relevant sources. Also, the Buddhist Federation of Norway does not take any responsibility for the contents of the sources below, including external Internet sites.

Each topic is divided into three subcategories according to source material: “primary sources”, “articles” and “references”. “Primary sources” contain Buddhist canonical and post-canonical sources, as well as UN documents, while “articles” contain contemporary Buddhist and/or academic articles on a given subject. When you search for “primary sources” and “articles”, you will find the actual text uploaded. “References” by contrast, contains references for further reading only.